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Frequently Asked Questions


What web browser should I be using?

For the best possible experience, we strongly recommend using your device’s default web browser.

For Windows users this is Microsoft Edge and for Mac/iPad users it is Safari.

Windows users:
Mac iOS users:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari – Mac users will already have Safari installed on their device.
iPad Users:
    • Safari – iPad users will already have Safari installed on their device.


Can I save my work to carry on with later?

Yes! We now have a ‘save’ and ‘open’ feature to make this possible. 

Press the ‘save’ button and your work will be saved to your computer’s download folder as a ‘TeamTuttiProject’ file. When you select the ‘open’ button, navigate to your TeamTuttiProject file and press open. Your work will open exactly how you left it ready to continue working on! 

To see a video on this please click here.

Can I save my work to send to my teacher?

Absolutely! Use the ‘save’ feature to download your work as a ‘TeamTuttiProject’ file into your downloads folder. You can then rename the file and email it to your teacher as an attachment.

Your teacher will then be able to open up your work in the Team Tutti sketchpad and see what you have done.


Will it work on my iPad?

Team Tutti works brilliantly on most iPads. However, any iPad older than the 2015 iPad Air 2 is likely to experience glitching/stuttering when using the sketchpad. 

If your iPad is older than this we recommend using a computer (PC/Mac) if you have one. 


Will it work on my computer?

Yes! Team Tutti is essentially a website and is made to be flexible. However modern operating systems (such as Windows 10) are RAM hungry. So are some current web browsers (especially Chrome).

We recommend using a computer with at least 8GB RAM and using one of the recommended web browsers below for the smoothest experience.

Please note: For an optimum experience it is also always best practice to ensure you have at least 25% of your hard drive free and have as few programs / apps open at the same time as possible.


Dr M’s Hotline

Dr M’s Hotline is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm…. and yes Dr M is a real person! He is ready to answer any questions you may have. 

For more details about this please visit our ‘safeguarding’ page by clicking here.


Contact us

If you still have any questions, please contact us using Dr M’s Hotline or by using the contact us form in the footer below.